Oxford University 19 vaccinated volunteers were given the wrong dose, but researchers did not report any errors.

According to the India Times, about 1,500 first-time volunteers in the third (final) clinical trial of Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine and AstraZeneca were vaccinated. Give the wrong dose but do not report an error in the test.A letter from Reuters states that the volunteers were given only half of the planned dose, which was a trial error.

Instead, the error was seen by Oxford University researchers as a good opportunity to find out how effective the vaccine was in a June 8, 2020 letter. The letter was signed by Oxford University trial professor Andrew J. Pollard and sent to the subject matter.

The letter did not acknowledge any wrongdoing and did not indicate that the researchers had reported the matter to a medical examiner. But researchers later told Oxford University to add another test group to take the full level in line with the original plan.However, participants in the trial did not have a problem with the drug, but the error led researchers to believe that there was no transparency with the participants.

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